It is said that the average person should wash his clothes at least every two weeks. Well that’s easy to say, provided you are at home and somebody else just picks up your laundry every two weeks. Some households even do it every week, while some can even manage to do the laundry every three days. HOW TO WASH WHITE CLOTHES?

But what happens when you already moved out of the house, like going to college for example? True, there is an option of going to the laundromat but if I were you, I will spend the money on something more important, not on doing the laundry. College students are not exactly known for being the neatest freaks but clothes are important so you need to know how to properly wash them.


For busy students (and young professionals as well), hand washing may not be an option because it consumes time. If you are living alone or in a dormitory, it might be a good idea to invest in a portable laundry machine. Then, to further help you, here are some important dos and don’ts on how to wash your clothes.

Do read the label of your clothes

We are not talking Gucci label here, but the label where it says ‘Do not iron on print.’ Those kind of labels, which are rather too easy to ignore. The label of a red shirt may say ‘Wash with same colored clothing’ and yet you ignored this, causing you to wash it with a yellow shirt. What happens? You now have two orange/yellow/red shirts.


You may not pay that much attention to the temperature of the water you are using but come clothes may require only lukewarm water. And yes, that is most likely written on the label. Bleaching can also be useful in removing stains but some clothes will be ruined when you add bleach on them. Just read the labels before you wash clothes in order to avoid damaging them.

Do sort and separate your clothes

Not sorting and separating your clothes according to color and type may be the biggest mistake you can ever commit in your laundry career. Okay now seriously, if you wash white clothes with colored ones, chances are your white clothes will discolor. If you wash them with newly bought dark red shirts, your white shirts will become pink. I’m speaking out of experience.


But separating the clothes does not end with coloreds versus whites. Aside from color, you also have to separate the clothes according to fabric. Dark or heavy clothes such as jeans and black socks for example should be separated from the delicates, meaning those that have laces or knitted wool sweaters. This is to protect each garment and retain their color and durability.

Do not forget to check each pocket

This is actually a minor step and you can do this while separating the clothes. While sorting them out and before you put them into the washer, always check each pocket. You may have inserted some dollar bills into your jeans pocket and you don’t want to end up washing them right? You also have to check for pens and the like which may spill ink and ruin your clothes.


Do wash the heavier clothes first

Some people prefer to wash their light shirts or their delicates first but it is recommended for you to wash the heavier stuff first because they take more time to dry.


Do not overload the washer

Do not overload the washer because it will destroy the rhythm of the clothes washer and may cause permanent damage to the motor. When placing a laundry load inside the washer, see to it that it only fills half to about ¾ of the washer’s capacity.


Do not use too much detergent

Using too much detergent will ruin your clothes and may also disrupt the rhythm of the washer. It will also leave residue inside the tub and will accumulate lime deposits which may corrode the material of your washer. It is much safer to use liquid detergent, but it costs more.


Do not bleach colored clothes

Because, well, it will bleach the clothes. Some brands however already offer bleach that are color safe so if you really need to, you can try those brands.


Do not overload the dryer

It will hinder the drying process, will not dry your clothes thoroughly and will cost you more on energy.


Do not leave clothes in the dryer for too long

Leaving your clothes in the dryer for a too long period of time will cause them to shrink. Going back to tip number one, always check the label of your clothes. Also, do not leave your clothes inside the dryer for too long because the next guy might need to use it. 

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