The compact washer dryer isn’t something you will find in every appliance store, which is just too bad. The more people know about it, the more they find it has a great niche in the marketplace.

It is an awesome option for those who can’t or don’t want to go the usual route of large, permanently installed mini portable washer and dryer. If you need something smaller, more portable, there really is a direction for you to go.


Problem #1: You don’t have the built-in space for two big laundry appliances.

What we’re wont to , a minimum of within the U.S., may be a matched set, washer and dryer, that sit side by side during a large space put aside for just this purpose. All well and good if that’s what you have. But a lot of us don’t live in a place that has this kind of space. The compact washer dryer is meant to unravel just this problem. It’s just one unit, not two, and is smaller than even one among the 2 regular appliances.


Problem #2: You don’t know where you would put a laundry appliance.

Okay, so you’ve got a compact living area and you would like a compact washer dryer to match. Well this unit tends to frolic 34" high x 24" wide x 24" deep. This is small enough to put several places. You probably have a corner of a room where you could stash this when not in use.


Problem #3: How would you use it if the only place to put it is in the closet?

The beauty of these things is that it doesn’t really matter where you put it when you aren’t using it. Most of them come with wheels on them already, and you just roll it into place when needed. You easily attach the water hose to any faucet and put the drain hose at any drain and you’re good to go!


There are so many things to uncover about the compact washer dryer. How does it wash and dry in the same place? Do people really like it? 

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