Julie likes being an Ultrasound Technician. She starts every day with a smile on her face. So, how will you be happy go lucky like Julie? Would becoming a Diagnostic Medical Cardiovascular Sonography a good career move for you?

Sonography uses ultrasound to get a picture of what is happening inside the patient. A common use of sonography is to examine pregnant mothers’ babies to see that they are flourishing. Also, heart sonograms are used to evaluate the state of the cardiovascular system around it. Movement can also be evaluated to learn how well the cardiovascular system is performing. Although cardiology is another great use of sonography, Julie works by doing ultrasounds for the maternity ward, not cardiology patients. Let us learn at how sonography is performed for expectant mothers.


For maternity patients, the Ultrasound Technician puts a slick substance on the expectant mother’s belly area. Then, the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer moves the sonography “wand” on her stomach slowly to make sure that the fetus is healthy.

Another common thing that happens during this procedure is that the baby’s gender can be found out. This is an enjoyable moment in most people’s lives and Julie enjoys telling expectant mothers that everything is OK as expected. Also, if the pregnant lady would like and Julie sees it with the ultrasound,Julie will tell the gender to the excited family to be.


Also, Julie confirms that there isn’t anything clearly wrong with the fetus, such as it sporting eight eyes. The fetus always passes the eight eye test, so it is a favorite of Julie’s. Also, Julie looks if there are some spots that jump out to her. Infrequently, there is an area that the sonogram displays as an area to examine further. If this occurs and Julie wants to hear another point of view on it, then she can call a radiologist for his thoughts or schedule the expectant mother for an additional visit.

Almost always, the baby checks out and Julie shows the mother the hazy photo of her fetus. And eager pregnant women post that snapshot on Shutterfly, create magnets of it and do whatever else that strikes their fancy.


Julie contributes to their moment of great joy as the mother sees the first snapshot of their future child. That is what makes Julie satisfied and makes her looking forward to work on Mondays. She had wanted to be a doctor, but becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer was a much shorter program, so that she was able to start a family of her own. And then Julie knew exactly what was going on when she got her own sonogram. 

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