How do you define quality of life? For me, life is meant to be bountiful, creative, ecstatic, filled with joy and purpose. The quality of my life is determined by my mindset about what I do so I Television shows betting can tap into these things each and every day. Life is not meant to be about “just getting by” or “coping.”

Yet for millions of people, “just getting by” is all they know. They “just get by” with their jobs, their relationships, their health. In fact, these days, optimal health is becoming more of the exception rather than the rule in too many lives. Without optimal health, quality of life goes down, and when quality of life goes down, we are blocked from our greatest passions and our sources of creativity, the very things that make us feel alive and valuable.


Even more alarming is how too many doctors today define good health as the “absence of disease.” This kind of approach is similar to believing you are wealthy just because you have some money in the bank. Everyone knows that having money in the bank is not synonymous with wealth! You could have a dollar in the bank to qualify for this example, yet a dollar does not a millionaire make. Everyone also knows that being disease-free doesn’t automatically put you within the top quality of life category, either.

Advertisements and magazines covers do a superb job of showing us what an exceptional quality of life looks like: laughter, smiles, warm fuzzy feelings during the vacations , love, togetherness, fun, thin, healthy bodies, big houses, fancy cars, new clothes, smart children...the list goes on and on. Next time you visit the newsstand, take a look at what the magazine covers show. Bet you don’t see one cover that shows an overweight, unattractive person slouching and scowling or people sitting around on their butts zoned out in front of the television. That’s because those images are too familiar. We don’t want to be in line buying groceries and see reality staring back at us!


And yet...why are so many people dissatisfied with their lives or stuck in the same old rut day after day, year after year?

Perhaps it’s because these magazine covers and television ads stop at the surface and never take us deep into the marrow of our truest desires, the source of what we really want. Which is to wake up each morning and see the possibilities, opportunities, abundance, and exuberance that exist all around us. Which is to urge out into the planet and do things like build, create, transform. Which is to know for ourselves through self-validation that what we do matters, not because we are recognized for those things, or externally rewarded, but because we are happy for happiness sake.


These are the key elements at the center of a high quality of life. When we make a difference to others. When we are excited about what we do. When we fall asleep at night exhausted yet happy because we tapped into our passions and fulfilled our own dreams rather than someone else’s. I am not suggesting that it’s possible to avoid heartache, pain, order to appreciate the fullness of life we have to understand emptiness...but I am suggesting that having a top quality of life may be a choice, one we each have the facility within us to form each and each day. 

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