The Vitashower filter for a shower head applies a commercial filter technology to household use. The result is an effective filter that neutralizes almost 100% of the chlorine and chloramines found in shower water. The following is a brief history and the list of advantages for the vitamin C filter.

Chlorine has a big impact on people who have, or are likely to develop, atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that occurs in people who are prone to allergies.


The skin becomes very irritated, flaky and itchy. The more it itches, the more you scratch, and the worse the skin condition becomes. It can be a condition that makes you miserable.

The Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C filter for a shower head can offer significant relief. Vitamin C is soothing and coats the skin with healing nutrients.


The great advantage of this technology is that the vitamin C is applied with every shower. This can help heal and prevent severe attacks due to excessively dry skin.

Vitamin C has been used by the EPA in laboratory experiments for years.

Vitamin C has long been recognized as a dechlorinate.

Vitamin C has been used in dialysis because of its purity.

People who raise expensive tropical fish choose vitamin C as the filter media because it works well with cold or warm water and is pure.


Vitamin C neutralizes chloramines as well as chlorine which no other filter does.

Vitamin C is good for skin and hair.

Vitamin C can improve an immune system.

Vitamin C has no actual or potential toxic qualities.

Vitamin C does not react with other water elements, including chlorine, to form unhealthy byproducts.


Vitamin C application to the skin can improve skin disorders.

Vitamin C application to the skin can slow premature aging.

Of course, the chlorine filter for a shower head is intended to purify the water. The vitamin C filter does just that and does it efficiently and effectively.


The Vitashower filter contains a cartridge with vitamin C crystals. The cartridge fills with water and the pressure of the water forces it through the vitamin C media.

That means there is no change in water pressure like you find with some filters, because water does not begin to flow through the shower head until the cartridge is full of water.


A filter for a shower head should work to keep your water purified of chlorine while delivering healing vitamin therapy. There is only one filter for a shower head that works in such a manner, the Vitashower.

Don’t settle for water filters that are hard to manage, affect water pressure, or don’t work with certain water qualities. Only settle for the very best! 

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